Hi-flon (One way I.V. Cannula w/o wing)


  • Convenient for critical cases, where extra opening may not be permitted to avoid risk of infection.
  • Symmetrical design facility offers easy and safe fixation into patient’s vein.
  • Minimizes area of contact with patient’s body.
  • Provision for size identification by color coded catheter housing.
  • Transparent hub and flash back chamber enables seeing through.
  • Hydrophobic-filter offers consistent flash back effect.
  • Siliconised, ultra-sharp back-cut and bevel shaped needle offers painless vein piercing.
  • Biocompatible and kink resistant catheter with smooth surface finish offers easy penetration into patient’s vein.
  • Provision of highly advanced tip design enables smooth transition from needle to catheter.
  • Sterile, non -toxic, pyrogen free and disposable.
Size and Specification of Hi - flon (One way I.V. Cannula w/o wing)

Gauge Colour Code Outer Dia Length Flow Rate Packing
14G Orange 2.1mm 45mm 240 ml/min 100/2400
16G Grey 1.8mm 45mm 180 ml/min 100/2400
18G Green 1.3mm 45mm 90 ml/min 100/2400
20G Pink 1.1mm 32mm 60 ml/min 100/2400
22G Blue 0.9mm 25mm 33 ml/min 100/2400
24G Yellow 0.7mm 19mm 20 ml/min 100/2400
26G Voilet 0.6mm 19mm 13 ml/min 100/2400