Measured Volume Set
Measured Volume Set (Burette) Individually packed, disposable and sterile & non-pyrogenic.
  • Graduated burette with marking up to 110 ml in both hard and soft material.
  • Intravenous set used for drug infusion /fluids IV solution bags / bottle.
  • Flexible drip chamber for rapid adjustment of fluid.
  • Moulded, self sealing latex bulb for drug administration.
  • Sharp spike for easy insertion into the bottle.
  • Roller clamp for regulating fluid flow rate.
  • PVC clear, high quality kink resistant tubing.

Product specification

capacity of burette : 110 ml.
Needle Size: 23G x 1.25"
Drop per ml: 60 drops=1.0ml ± 0.1 ml
Length of tube: 150 cms.
Packing: Individually packed in pouch (10x9=90).